“A surplus of effort could overcome a deficit of confidence.” – Sonia Sotomayer

I have found that if I am unsure about something and give it a go anyway, often I will surprise myself. This comes to the fore quite regularly when I train. I sometimes think that I will never be able to complete, in particular, a bike session and then I dig deep, put in a little extra effort and find I can do it. I do however think there is a fine line here because I do believe we can easily self-talk our way out of things and find the ‘reason’ for not doing or completing something. However, I do believe that you cannot get by on confidence alone, you must put the effort in. And effort wins.

Day 56, 10 days to go, how are those habits going? Do you need any support to get you through?

My day 56 had been affected by a break in the routine:

“It just goes to show that the evening routine does help me to get to sleep. I had some work to do, so did not get off the screen until 8.30. Then forgot to take my journal upstairs and did not want to disturb H, so did not get all the days thoughts out of my head. What happened? Lay awake for hours – well half in half out of sleep, waking regularly.

Even after DAS I feel tired today and I have a tough sprint interval session this morning – that will wake me up”.

Although I was clearly tired, I was confident that if I put the effort in, that I would feel better after the training session. It was the effort that made me feel better, not the confidence.

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