“Be silly, be honest, be kind.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Possibly my favourite quote, just don’t tell the other quotes I said that!

I was feeling tired on my day 59, I’d ridden 80k on my tri bike the day before, the longest ride I have ever done and I was feeling it. I got through the DAS session, but only just. I had however discovered a new book:

“Currently listening to Atomic Habits and I like the way it has started – I am still happy that I did the process, or system, today to lead to better health”.

The book talks about having processes and to continuously do them so they become habit. Yes, we may miss a day here or there, but we don’t reset and go back to square one. It is just a bump and we pick it up the next day and carry on our path. They talk about goals being ok, but they are nothing without a process. My goal might be to finish an Ironman, but if I don’t put the processes in place to get fit enough to do it, then it will never happen.

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