"Doubt kills"

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” – Suzy Kassem

This is so true, I feel that doubts cause procrastination, then we build up obstacles and reasons why something will not work or will be too difficult and then we give up because we have made the doubt into this huge thing. At least if we try and fail, we can learn from the experience.

On my day 43, I had slept well, and the exercises were not quite right because of a nagging shoulder injury, but I have picked a small extract about how the doubts get in my head sometimes:

“I do sometimes think that I’ll go back, give up, live a ‘normal’ unhealthy life and fit in with the crowd, be one of the sheepeople. I do not want that – what is wrong with being different, perhaps in this day and age it is not different enough”.

I need to remind myself sometimes that it is normal to have these doubts, and to succeed is to acknowledge them, but not let them take over.

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