“Hold the vision, trust the process.” – Unknown

I keep saying it, but we are still relatively close to the beginning and we need to hold on to the vision of a happy us when we reach each goal.

Day 18 and I notice that I was still a little bad tempered, it had been really hot and had not slept properly for a few days and then:

“I am having doubts about the Plan, I just think people are not that committed. I think (some) people prefer the quick fix of a sugary snack over health. I struggle.”

“The Plan will help people get through that”.

I was still thinking about ideas at this stage and thought it was really hard to go through this on my own and the Plan was to support people, as a group to hold onto their vison and achieve.

Thankfully, my mood had picked up by the evening when I wrote:

“I am grateful for my health and for finding a likeminded spirit”.

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