“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth

Day 9

It is very true, and perseverance and persistency are key to achieving our goals.

Day 9 already and yes, we do need willpower to get us through, but doing this as a group and supporting each other makes you all difficult to beat and helps each other not to give up. But if you do slip or miss a day, it’s no problem, carry on the next day, you have not gone back to square one. The trick is not to miss twice and try again as soon as possible.

It made me think about this when I read an entry from my day 9:

“I’m a little apprehensive about the bike today after last week’s fall”.

I’d had a slow speed, high impact crash the week before, which had cracked my bike helmet and had really shaken me. When I thought about what my head would have been like if I’d not been wearing a helmet, it scared me how much damage could be caused at such a low speed. But I was determined to get back on and back outside and although I was nervous, I persevered, and I have learnt a lot from the experience.

Bit heavy today, why not try something a little lighter, beans on toast (with a twist)

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