"Make it happen"

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” – Michael Jordan

The Last Dance documentary on Netflix was an extraordinary insight into how determination and hard work can pay off. To me, it helps to dispel the theory that people are born with immense talent. Michael Jordon worked hard, really hard, to become a great basketball player. Ok, he was dealt a good card in being tall, but he wasn’t the tallest and he made it happen. Maybe not always the nicest guy, but still an example of how hard work and determination got him to the top.

Looking back, this now seems strange because I cannot now imagine doing things differently:

“Looking forward to the day that I write in here that I slept really well – the thing is, I’m about to go into the ‘messy middle’ stage!”

I then wrote out my plan for the day and later wrote:

“Day went to plan”.

So not all bad. I do seem to remember that I was struggling at this stage, not with food, but with tiredness and mood. I was exhausted all the time – but it passed, my sleep got better and my routine became more engrained, if I miss a day now, I feel totally out of sorts!

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