"Succeed on purpose"

“Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.” – G.K. Nielson

I know this is similar to ones we have had previously, but I think it is worth reminding ourselves sometimes.

Day 60, into the last week – have you worked out what has become a habit yet, which ones you will work on next, which ones you have decided are not for you?

On my day 60, I was reflecting on my relationship with my daughter (aged 7 at the time) and how the only game she wants to play is a role play game which sees me playing every character from Harry Potter whilst she give me scenarios to act out!

“I sometimes (most of time) get a bit fed up with playing the HP role playing game with H – she wants to do it all the time. However, when I stop and think, it makes me feel sad that it will not be that long before she does not want to play with me. I will stop feeling sad about something that has not happened yet and feel happy that she wants to play with me now”.

Now I’m sure there are better ways to express this, but it was how I was feeling at the time. It was a realisation that I need to make the most of this time with my daughter. I think sometimes it is easy to worry about the things that have not yet happened or might not happen and miss the experience that is happening right now. I still find it a bit of a chore trying to think and do different voices for each of the characters, but at least I try and stay in the moment and enjoy the time that we spend together and make sure I note in my journal each day how grateful I am that we have this time together. Be present and enjoy the moment.

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