“Sunshine all the time makes a desert.” – Arabic Proverb

And on day 48 for me, it was not all sunshine:

“I had a small G&T to relax last night – I was up and down to the toilet 3 times before I fell asleep and still woke up another twice – I didn’t dare drink anything, so I have awoken tired and dehydrated.

To add an extra twist, my music kept cutting out during DAS and when I was trying to sort that out in the 15 seconds between exercises, I noticed the biggest pile of cat sick, all over my new ‘green screen’ – oh well, these things happen – live and LEARN”.

I do feel that I can roll with the punches much better than I used to, maybe it comes with age or through meditation, whatever it is, my predominately growth mindset now tells me that these things are not game changers, they are learning opportunities. For example, from the extract from day 48 above, I learned how to make sure music does not cut out when also running my timer app. I also learned not to leave things on the floor in the playroom – if the cats are going to be sick, they will always find the newest thing to be sick on!

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